This took more than 5 minutes.
WD-40 is excellent for cleaning carbs.
Not wery cheap but I think worth every cent
The old one hasn't been accelerating anything for the last 20 years, it was so stuck I had to use a small hammer to get it out. Also known as diaphragm or membrane pump. This is one of those many things that separate K7 from earlier models, they dont have it. I do.
Nobody wanted to buy this old seat at a swap meet and it pissed me off so much that I restored it completely and sold the new plastic replica seat at a swap meet. Rusty from top.. bottom
I mean very rusty
Never seen rusted leather before
Removing rust with electricity, very effective, called electrolysis
Also the paint took off, which was nice.
Rust is gone but now there is a black coating that has to be removed before powdercoating
Not bad, it starts to look like a seatpan
Nothing is more important than well organized working area
Seat also needed some refurbishing, I used canvas.
Pan was broken from both sides, too thin to use MIG-welding so I used spotwelding. Here You can see how the rust is removed from those badly corroted places by electrolysis
Support piece in place with locking pliers
Never done spotwelding before and if I can do it anyone can.
Waiting to be powdercoated
Well this wouldn't rust anymore
I had to use glue to attach the new seatcover, the old fasteners were too worn out.
It was much harder to find the chrometape than to attach it
That's it and I hope I never ever have to do that again.
Camchain and tensioners were worn out
and as You can see CMSNL-image
and as You can see CMSNL-image
and as You can see CMSNL-image
and as You can see CMSNL-image
This is what it should look like, the original image of Honda CB750 K7 1977....
..and this is what it really looked like, yes I know it looked rather nice from distance...there are still these moments when I wish I'd kept my distance..
..and this is what it looks like now after 13 months.
First paint then stripes which are like big stickers (and by the way wrong colour for this bike, thank You germans, that orange stripe should be red) and finally lacquer paint, yes I know should have bought new emblems also but 70 € a piece, I think these do just fine, at least for a while.
Lot of cleaning, perhaps sodablasting and of course painting and that's only the outside...
a rolling chassis
After sodablasting and washing it looks much better
After sodablasting and washing it looks much better
Standard pistons are in good condition and after thorough cleaning look like new.
Example of oversize piston
After sodablasting
Cylinder before sodablasting...
..and after.
After sodablasting
After painting...
After painting...
After painting...
After painting...
After painting...
After Tig welding...
When assembling the lifterplate, put two longer bolts to opposite holes and pull the clutch together, hold it there and put the original bolts to those empty holes and gently put some pressure to the springs , done this replace long bolts with normal bolts and start tightening 1/4 turn/bolt.
New exhaust and mufflers, ordered from CMSNL, had to say that because I use their image, new bolts, pegs with brackets and of course these all are totally different than those on K0-K6
This kit is a very good choice
After assembly the clutch was sort of slack and we found out that one plate was missing, that nr.6 called plate B doesn't include to the clutch kit, so we used the old one.
Suomeksiin english

Honda CB 750 K7

The number of visitors has grown so much that I decided to make this site a little easier to read.

Welcome to CB 750 Four K7 website

Besides I think it’s foolish to pay insurance payments 250-300€/year when you can put 2500-3000€ for new parts and restoration and make it a Historic bike, insurance will be like 30 € / year so you get your money back in 10 years, give or take a year. Yes, that’s what I like, big savings.
I’ve ordered parts for my Honda from Finland, Germany, England, USA, Belgium, Netherland , France and (1/2014) from Italy, I wonder what country will be next and how they manage to do these rebuilds before internet. I've been sitting in the internet for hours and hours (200++), google, ebay, company sites etc. There is this one Japanese site that has original parts from K0 to K6 everything you need, so I sent them email and asked for K7 parts, after a week I got email: " YES PLEASE HELLO !" , obviously their english wasn't so good and I haven't spoke Japanese since kindergarden so I didn't reply and after Fukushima the parts would be glowing in the dark after all.
First orders where like 150-350 €, no big deal, but when you start adding them together.., well I stopped that a long time ago.
One thing I learned about ordering parts, check before You place your order that they have that part in their stock at that moment, it's very frustrating to wait 3 weeks instead of one for some bolts (50 c / piece) that they have to order from Japan because they are temporarily out of stock. Meaning that all the other 15 items that are more urgent than those bolts, are ready to be shipped but we are waiting for those bolts.
Next door Besserwissers told me that CB750 parts are easy to find, true if You have K0-K6 but not K7 which is different to the earlier models, frame, tank, carbs w/accelerator pump, shorter intake rubbers, new final drive shaft, sprocket w/center bolt, wider chain line (as F2), final drive 15/41, new clutch, new camshaft (as F1), new pistons (as F), compression ratio 9.2/1. New transmission: 4th gear 1.133 i/o 1.087. Final drive gear 50 teeth i/o 56 (as F1), primary drive 1.985 i/o 1.708, new valve guides, new cam carriers (as F2), 17" rear wheel, even the passenger (rear) footpegs
K7 pegs are round and attached above the mufflers, K0- K6 pegs are square and attached between mufflers
are totally different and almost every time You think you found something, there it is: these parts are up to K6. I learned by the hard way, ordered wrong K6
K7 frame is longer than K6 about that much.
rear fender from Germany, (my fault, should have asked), ok got rid of it at swap meet but still waste of time and money.
Swap meets
Here is one load of used parts heading to a swap meet, sold everything except that seat and it pissed me off so much that I restored it completely and sold the new plastic replica seat at a swap meet, looking back now I'd say excellent choice.
are an excellent way to get rid of stuff You simply dont need, I sold allmost every part I replaced, just remember that You are trying to get rid of them and put the price low enough or You are dragging the same stuff back home.
Never done anything like this rebuild before but at first it looked like quite simple, straight forward job, new seat, paint the tank (not by me !), new front fender, new rear shocks, new mufflers, some black touch up paint here and there....but closer You look more You will find, replace one part and the part next to it looks like rubbish.
So I thought, if you have to do it, why not do it properly, Big Mistake nr 2.
There seems to be an incredible number of people who seem to know everything about older bikes and restorations but when You ask them some specific details they are allways so busy, well anyway, they told me to take a lot of pictures before and all the time you are taking something apart, easily said than done, when you got that “mission” to do something, you simply do it and afterwards you notice that digital camera next to you, well , too late.
I have a lot of pictures of the bike, mainly close-ups, that I have no idea what they represent
Must have been something very important at that moment
and if you are up to your elbows in grease, you don’t want wash your hands every five minutes to take a picture, well you should have, Big Mistake nr 3.
I dismantled the bike completely , but to give You some idea what i was up against and this is only the right side of the bike.
Yes I know it looked rather nice from distance...there are still these moments when I wish I'd kept my distance..

The whole frame was covered with rust or paintless spots
The whole frame and painted metalparts looked more or less like these images of the swingarm
, as a matter a fact the only parts of the bike (excluding engine) that hasn't been renewed or fixed is the rear rim, spokes (couldn't find them anywhere), right hand backmirror, gages (not yet) and headlight.